Social Media Campaigns

turnerboone is not only an expert furniture dealer, they are also very creative, thoughtful, and fun! Combining those qualities allowed us to create a lot of fun campaigns and posts that promote and educate about finishes, tools, and community in an engaging way that grew turnerboone's social following by 33%
Astrology Series
turnerboone's cofounder, Laura Boone, is an experienced astrologist on top of a master furniture dealer so we leaned on this unique combination of expertise to create the monthly series, "how to get along with your [astrological sign] co-worker." Where we paired the various products that turnerboones furniture partners create with different astrological sign's qualities. These were used to promote a monthly astrology series on IG Live that gained about 200-500 views per show.
Holiday Posts​​​​​​​
Thankful Series
For Thanksgiving, turnerboone wanted to give thanks for everyone involved in a given project. Which led us to create these 4 individual illustrations posted every Thursday of November.
Email Campaigns
Created for various turnerboone offerings and awareness campaigns.
Digital Invitations
turnerboone holds a variety of events to engage the Atlanta community and we aimed to make the invitation designs as diverse as the events turnerboone holds.

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